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Accelerated Dial-Up Internet Service Providers

Accelerated dial-up service delivers complete web pages faster via your 56k modem. Certain content will load faster, compared to standard (non-accelerated) dial-up Internet service.

Not Accelerated
HTML / Java-based Web pages Streaming media (audio or video)
Text Secure Web pages
JPG / GIF graphics Music / photos sent as e-mail attachments
E-mail Downloads

Accelerated dial-up service may be advantageous if the user frequently visits web pages. Graphics files may be compressed and stored on the user's computer or cached on the server for faster repeated page loads.

Some dial-up service providers call their accelerated service "High Speed" or "HiSpeed". Yes, accelerated service will speed up delivery of some content, enhancing the dial-up user's Internet experience. Just be aware the actual speed of the dial-up connection is limited to the capabilities of a 56k modem.

Nationwide Internet Service Providers
Accelerated Dial-Up

  • Accelerated Dial-Up
  • $10.95 Monthly
  • Easy Set-up
  • Unlimited Access
  • Phone Support
  • POP3 / Webmail
  • Anti-Spam Filter
  • Virus Protection
  • Member Forums
  • Create a Blog
Basic ISP is a great value at only $10.95 per month for accelerated dial-up service. Instant online account activation. No required software to download. Fast, reliable connections. 100% American support.

  • $7.47/mo for 3 months
    and then $14.95/month
  • Up to 19x Faster
  • Unlimited Access
  • Create a Blog Site
  • 5 E-mail Accounts
  • Spam/Virus Filters
  • Free Phone Support
  • Forum/Email Support
  • Free Online Backup
Copper HiSpeed offers a great deal with 50% off. $7.47/month for 3 months and then $14.95/month thereafter. The Copper team has provided no-nonsense reliable dial-up access and excellent customer service since 1997. Totally free USA based (Ohio) technical support via a toll-free phone call. Also provides e-mail and community forum support. Compatible with Windows Vista.

  • $8.95 Monthly
  • Accelerated Dial-Up
  • Unlimited Access
  • Free Phone Support
  • Call Alert
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Webmail Access
  • Spam/Virus Filters
  • Easy Set Up
  • Online Backup
Turbo USA is 100% American owned and operated. They do not outsource telephone support jobs to other countries like some other large ISPs. Instant account activation. Vista and Mac compatible. Risk free 30 day money back guarantee.

Looking for standard (non-accelerated) dial-up?
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